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Craig and I met in university in Halifax.  He played basketball and...well...I didn't.  He's a great fella and called me two years ago to photograph a maternity shoot with him and his wife, Marilisa.  Well being the first part of August rocking with weddings and just having Gabby born, I had to decline as I was completely overwhelmed.   I'm so pleased he contacted me again for his second child.  Marilisa is due in 20 days (yes, that's right - she looks fantastic) and we had a fantastic photo shoot in the studio.  Julia is a little over two years old and was so well behaved and so patient that is was easy getting great shots of them all.  I really had a lot of fun and can not wait to meet their new addition.

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Nathalie Cormier: Adorable! :) on 04.27.10

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