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Last summer I got an e-mail from Julie and Ian, a wonderfully in love couple from England wanting to have me be their photographer their wedding here in Halifax.  Actually, when I say, "wonderfully in love" I mean, at one point, I actually received an e-mail from Julie simply just to tell me how great Ian was and how much she loved him.  Three full paragraphs - full on about her man.  Now that made me real excited to meet them.

And when I say, "wedding", I guess it wasn't a wedding in the traditional sense.  You see, it was more of a commitment ceremony as they were married years before.  However, they wanted the tux and wedding dress (and Doc Martins) and to have a wonderful candlelit ceremony at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax, NS.  After which, we would head out onto the streets of Halifax for some great images of their 'wedding' day.

I've actually become quite fond of Julie & Ian.  They swung by the house at the end of their Nova Scotia vacation and we had a fat BBQ and a fat bottle of wine before we went out to the airport and we've since kept in touch.  I truly look forward to seeing them again.

(and I've never been called so many British nicknames in my life).

Public Gardens


Candlelit wedding ceremony

On Spring Garden

Doc Martins

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British Invasion

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Lisa: I adore this couple-and I don't even know them. So fun!Great shots Trevor. on 02.23.11

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so I've known Kristy for a while.  Way back to Jr. High.  Kristy has had me shoot her family and little fella, Eugene, several times and every time we got gold.  Having this fond relationship with her family and knowing how much I enjoy shooting them, I was thrilled when asked to photograph her wedding Halifax this past autumn

It was a great day and it was so nice seeing them all so happy (and great seeing some old friends) but I just loved it when they said, "so, ah, can we get some wedding shots with our motorcycles?"

Mouseover the image for more viewing options of a dozen more of their wedding photos

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This summer I has the privilege to shoot a great looking couple, Chris & Diana, and spend a day photographing their wedding at the Waegwaltic Club in Halifax.  It was the the day after Hurricane Earl and everyone was so concerned that the club may not fare well or that there would be no power.  The staff at the club had everything look great for the next day and everything went off without a hitch.

Wedding at the Waeg

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