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Wedding Photography on the ROOF of the Westin Nova Scotian!  Yes, many of you know how much I love shooting at the Westin but it's not very often a wedding photographer has the pleasure of shooting from the roof! The view was amazing but the bride was stunning. I've been looking forward to shooting Laura & John's wedding for months as I've developed quite a wonderful relationship with them ... and it's always much more fun to shoot those you really like.

This was a perfect sparkler shot as the bride and groom stayed PERFECTLY still and the city below has the right mix of colours. Love it!

For those wanting to learn more about these sparkler shots, Remember I posted a long Tutorial on Sparkler Photography!


Wedding Photography Westin Sparklers

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I love Social Media Marketing!  I'm able to talk on each platform with many different voices as each network I use to reach different people.  Whether it's posting 'behind the scenes' shots from a shoot to a polished, glamorous image of a stunning bride, each network is posted to in different ways.  Below are all the Social Networks I use and how I use them!


facebook Logo for Photographers

Facebook is my most used social network as I post on Facebook nearly every day.  I usually post a couple of images a day or two after each wedding I shoot but I also use it as a platform to tell funny stories or amazing events that happened while at the wedding.   I also use it as a teaching platform to new and aspiring photographers as I post tutorials and discuss my mistakes or sucesses.   So here is my Facebook Business Page - feel free to visit and 'Like' the page.  ;)   If you would like to get to know me more on a personal level, you are more than welcome to creep my Personal Facebook Page or send me a 'friend request' (especially if you are going to have me be a part of your wedding!).


Instagram logo for Photographers

I use Instagram a lot.  It's the place I go to post a lot of 'Behind the Scenes' stuff during shoots.  Either it's selfies of me with friends made during an event or interesting things I see that I just want to push out straight away.   Also, if anyone sends me photos of me shooting or of their new canvas hanging on their wall - those will get posted on my Instagram Account.


Pinterest Logo for Photographers

Pinterest is a great website.  Brides use it all the time to show me images they like - I get to know more about them and the style they like, which I like knowing.   I also pin images to Pinterest and is certainly a place where you can get to know me a little better as well.  You'll find boards ranging from "Recipes I Want to Try" to "Motorcycles I Love" but you'll also see a board of some favorite images of mine, pinned from my website.  These are images that get pinned and repinned and, I hope, present me and my work to new markets.  I have received Destination Wedding bookings from tropical images of mine found on Pinterest, so I suppose it's working.  I also have boards for companies that are close to me, like my wife's business, Gabs & Eddy, a popular crochet hat company.  Here is where you can find Trevor Allen Photography on Pinterest


Twitter Logo for Photographers

I don't post on Twitter a whole bunch - but I certainly plan on more activity this winter.  It will be a place where I announce new posts on my blog as well as a place to post interesting posts on Wedding Photography found on the web as well as achievemets of some of my fellow local Halifax photographers.  You can find me at @HalifaxWeddings


Google Plus Logo for Photographers

Google+ is a place where you can see photos, videos from my YouTube channel, reviews from other clients (or write a review yourself) and links that I share from my own blog or from around the web.  It's like a Facebook community but set up a little nicer.  I like Google+ because it's owned by Google.   In fact, if there is a post you like on my blog, instead of writting a comment, I'd far rather you click the little red G+ up top of the page.  Look up - yup, it's on this one too.  (I also have comments on my site disabled - just way too much spam - 50 a day).   Clicking that little G+ on a page (or especially on my homepage) adds a lot of weight to my site when Google is figuring out how to rank me on their Search Engine Results Page.   Here is my Google Plus Business Page.


YouTube Logo Photographers

Well, I just started my YouTube Channel this month.  In fact, I only have two videos right now.  However, this winter I plan on adding some slideshows, videos of me and my business and some projects I've been working on.  I hope to have lots of videos up in a year, but with only 1000 views and 1 subscriber (Thank you, Sandi), it's a pretty weak presence right now...but that will change.   Here's my YouTube Channel.


So, those are the 6 Social Networks I use the most.  Feel free to repin, retweet, reblog, comment, message, add to circles, subscribe, tweet, like, share, follow, +1, poke, mention, review, favorite, watch, read....or just say hi.   :)

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For NEW & Aspiring photographers. If you follow me at all on Facebook you know that I believe "beauty is everywhere". It's up to us to look and recognize the potential in every location. And, to me, it's not "Location, Location, Location", rather there are many other components that can make for a great image, even if your location isn't stellar.

Look at this spot on a random sidewalk in Halifax where I shot Janice on Saturday (in fact, I shot her with each one of her bridesmaids here instead of walking around 'hunting' for a spot - although for their shots, this look is exactly what I was hoping for - clean, bright, urban feel). However, with putting the sun to her back, changing my perspective by getting on a knee to block any people who may be walking up behind her and then using a long lens (Canon 70-200mm f2.8) to compress and blur the background nicely, I'm able to get a beautiful look. In fact, for the purposes of this composite, this image is untouched straight out of the camera (although, I won't be touching this one at all, really).

Follow me at to follow me and not only see new images and stories each day, but also teaching moments like this.


Wedding Photography teaching moments

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