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As many of you know, last week I was in Cuba shooting Amanda & Colin's Destination Wedding on the beach at the Iberostar Laguna Azul in Varadero and then their bridal shots in Havana.  We had a blast and I simply can not wait to edit their wedding photos.  However, seeing as how I have just a handful of wedding books to finish, she understands that she may have to wait a wee bit.  In the meantime, I chucked them about a dozen shots so they can get something on Facebook but I figured, where so many people have been asking about Cuba, I should probably blog them.  I shot lots and lots and literally only laid my eyes on 1 for every 50 images.  There is no "Blog Story" here - just chucking down a whack of pictures .  I'm not kidding - I can't wait to get my hands on this shoot - a very cool blog post to follow in March.  


Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding


Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

destination wedding

Destination Wedding Photos

Cuba Wedding

Cuba Wedding - Havana

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Steph MacKinnon: Simply stunning... on 02.25.11

Shari: These are amazing! Makes me wish we had a destination wedding. on 02.25.11

Britt: These shots are amazing. The texture on the walls is stunning! on 02.25.11

Paul: I don't know if it's possible, but it looks like you actually outdid yourself again! LOVE them. on 02.25.11

Ian: Absolutely amazing Trev. Just beautiful! on 02.25.11

Carine Torres: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! Love the one with the crashing waves, the one in the staircase and the last one. Absolutely breathtaking. Makes me want to get married all over again with you as the photographer. I wish Michel and I could have flown you to Cyprus with us, had we known you back then! on 02.25.11

True North DJs: Awesome stuff Trevor... Holy textures. :) on 04.07.11

Terry chaplin: Congrats to you both! Trevor did my (our) wedding years ago! Great pics! on 05.16.11

Mandi Nikole: Beautiful images. Beautiful location. on 06.06.11

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