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For NEW & Aspiring photographers. If you follow me at all on Facebook you know that I believe "beauty is everywhere". It's up to us to look and recognize the potential in every location. And, to me, it's not "Location, Location, Location", rather there are many other components that can make for a great image, even if your location isn't stellar.

Look at this spot on a random sidewalk in Halifax where I shot Janice on Saturday (in fact, I shot her with each one of her bridesmaids here instead of walking around 'hunting' for a spot - although for their shots, this look is exactly what I was hoping for - clean, bright, urban feel). However, with putting the sun to her back, changing my perspective by getting on a knee to block any people who may be walking up behind her and then using a long lens (Canon 70-200mm f2.8) to compress and blur the background nicely, I'm able to get a beautiful look. In fact, for the purposes of this composite, this image is untouched straight out of the camera (although, I won't be touching this one at all, really).

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